Manual medicine

Manual medicine is the main field of healthcare in MOGY clinics. It covers the area of treatment of the motor system (spine, joints, muscles, connective tissue) and represents the most sophisticated form of prevention, painkiller therapy, rehabilitation and post rehabilitation.

Treatment with manual medicine includes clinical examination and follow-up treatment with manual therapies. Both examinations and therapies are carried out by specialist neurologists or orthopaedic, who also have additional specialisation in the field of the motor system – manual medicine.

During the first visit, the doctor performs a clinical neurological/orthopaedic examination, checks the condition of muscles, connective tissues, reflexes, assesses posture, movement and examines medical documentation for existing problems if available. According to the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes a certain number of therapies, in so far as there are realistic treatment options with manual techniques. If further diagnostics are required, the patient is referred to perform it prior to therapeutic treatment.

Manual medicine offers effective and fast solutions for the treatment of the locomotor system. For the most common problems such as prolonged low back pain or neck pain, 4 to 6 therapies are recommended. Therapies include soft techniques; the patient does not feel pain or unpleasant pressures.

Laser therapy

Low frequency laser therapy LIL or Low Intensity Laser) allows treatment of acute and chronic processes in tissue.
Laser therapy in medicine allows for three different effects:
1. photochemical effect (affects cell permeability in tissue and promote enzymatic processes, which helps to regenerate tissue),
2. photomechanical effect (pulses create bio stimulative waves in deep tissue, which inhibits the conduction of pain by nerve fibres and triggers the secretion of endogenous opioids – pain inhibitors, while promoting the regeneration and recovery of degenerative processes, including cartilage tissues).
3. Photothermic effect
The most beneficial effects of laser therapy:
– painkiller
– anti-inflammatory
– bio stimulative (tissue healing)

Elastic therapeutic strips (Kinesio taping)

Kinesio strips are special medical tapes with special glue, which slightly excites the skin and subcutaneous tissue, increasing the space between muscle tissue and the skin. This enables the release of pressures on nerve receptors, increase blood and lymph flow and consequently reduce pain.


Light therapy complements the treatment of various medical conditions and injuries. We use LED lamps in the red and NIR (Near Infra-Red) light spectrum. Phototherapy allows the stimulation of regenerative processes in cellular structures, and the effects continue at cellular, tissue and systemic levels.
Photobiostimulation is mainly used for:
– reduction of musculoskeletal and neurogenic pain
– recovery from musculoskeletal injuries and surgeries,
– wound healing, scars, muscle relaxation and other indications.


We offer individual therapeutic exercises for various purposes; maintenance of the achieved medical condition after the treatments, rehabilitation after injury, exercise in chronic diseases, medical-preventive training, etc.
When the exercises are properly designed, we influence the relief of certain signs of disease, healing tissues, correcting abnormalities in the spine and joints, maintaining motor skills and acting preventively against the health problems of the motor system.

In MOGY clinics, we use different techniques in the patient treatment process and are already included in the price of each therapy. * Additional services are provided at the discretion of the doctor and are not available in all clinics.

*The price of a single therapy does not include laser therapy, which the doctor may recommend as a single or complementary method in the treatment process.