Manual medicine

MO-GY Manual medicine are private medicine clinics, specialized in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. We operate since 1992 and excel in professionalism, dedication to patients and modern equipment.
The main objective that we pursue in our work is to provide top quality services in the field of manual medicine, to resolve problems locomotor system, with the particular attention to the spine and joints and associated consequences. In cooperation with other domestic and foreign institutions and experts, we aim for innovation in the field of treatment by manual medicine. We invest intensively both in knowledge and in technology.

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BREASTSCAN – Preventive breast diagnostic

MO-GY clinics in Ljubljana, Maribor and Nova Gorica are implemented with preventive breast diagnostic by the BreastScan method.

Early detection of breast disease is one of the most important tasks of modern medicine. BreastScan method measures the change in temperature at a depth of breast tissue, and it is a unique device with this characteristic (all other measure surface temperature only). In this project has been actively engaged MO-GY, Slovenian company, since 1996 and received two of the highest awards; global award in the field of medicine (Geneva, 2005) and Nuerenberg, 2006). Results from clinical trials show a significantly higher accuracy of early detection of breast disease (about 90%), and even over 95% accuracy in combination with mammography.

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Clinic MO-GY Ljubljana

Dunajska cesta 433
1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 1 561 25 21

Doctor: Andrej Kotov, Ph.D., spec. neurologist, spec. manual medicine
Head of practice: Dijana Matjan

Clinic MO-GY Maribor
Cesta XIV. divizije 35
2000 Maribor

T: + 386 2 470 24 13

Doctor: Assist. Prof. Sergej Fedorov, Ph.D., spec. neurologist, spec. manual medicine
Head of practice: Jerneja Ficko

Clinic MO-GY Nova Gorica

Vojkova 105
5000 Nova Gorica

T: + 386 5 300 23 77

Genadij Filipov, Ph.D., spec. orthopaedist, spec. manual medicine
Aleksej Filipov, Ph.D, spec. surgeon, spec. manual medicine
Head of practice: Beti Brajdot

Clinic MO-GY Murska Sobota

Gorička ulica 61, Černelavci
9000 Murska Sobota

T: + 386 41 986 286

Doctor: Assist. Prof. Sergei Fedorov, Ph.D., spec. neurologist, spec. manual medicine